Heather Showstead (Image credit: Andy Boyle)

Heather Showstead (Image credit: Andy Boyle)

Hello, I'm Heather, founder of KNITT. I wanted to help businesses make sense of the current digital landscape without losing their voice.

Your business is your passion. With so many new channels, ever-changing metrics and strategies, it can feel like both a distraction and a chore to manage these windows into your offerings.  How do you know what is working, and what is a waste of time and money? With more than a decade of experience in integrated digital marketing strategy, I can engage in just tweaking to make a more successful strategy, or give you a cohesive, tailored, step-by-step action plan and you can get back to doing what you do best. Most importantly, we'll firmly root everything in real metrics.

KNITT offers integrated digital strategy consulting focused on data driven story telling.

My Past Client Work

Milk Makeup / Hilton / Pfizer / FedEx / P&G / Verizon / BMW / Chevrolet / Philips / SONY / Versace / Argo / Four Seasons Magazine / Macy's / Walmart / Microsoft / Mastercard / The Home Depot / Abercrombie & Fitch / WXYZ Jewelry / BOND Hardware / The Princeton Review / Brookstone / Bassett Furniture / NY Presbyterian / Smuckers / Aisling Camps / Futura Jewelry / Surreal Skincare / Grailed


Google AdWords Search
Google AdWords Mobile
Google AdWords Video
Google Shopping
Google Analytics
Google Digital Sales
Google Mobile Sites
Bing Ads Accredited Professional
Facebook Blueprint
Twitter Agency Flight School

Fun Facts 

Dual citizenship in the US and Ireland (EU)
Metal Head 🤘🏼
Aerial lyra enthusiast
Avid knitter of 15 years (duh)